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    The UVM Rescue team has a brand new state of the art facility in Burlington Vermont thanks to Freeman French Freeman Architects and Neagley & Chase Construction Co. The building has a sleek design and modern updates that provide both functionality and comfort for the team. On the outside I love the clean lines and simple materials. From the exterior, the double pitched roof creates an angular outline that deviates from what would normally be just a box. A one point perspective gives you a good view. The south facing massive roof will hopefully incorporate a large solar array in the near future.

    I experienced a new challenge while trying to get this shot. Normally my camera can trigger flashes placed inside to help match the interior and exterior lighting. In this case, however, the walls of the building were so think that the radio transmission couldn’t penetrate. I thought my gear was malfunctioning until I figured it out. Eventually I was able to get the flashes to fire when placed near windows and was able to capture enough frames to put together this image. Additionally, it was a pretty gray and overcast day which was not ideal for my clients. In post processing, I was able to brighten up the environment.

    This photo captures a view through the glass security door and through two windows into the conference room. It was important for the architects to get an image of this feature. To get the shot I had to light three interior spaces as well as block the exterior glare on the door in front of me. Sending radio triggers through several walls takes some finessing to work successfully.

    The shoot got a little easier as we moved inside. The living space of the facility has an open living and dining area and a large kitchen. To the right is the conference room seen above with a number of tables and plenty of space for the crew to study. Large windows let in lots of natural light. Part of the building’s steel framing was left exposed.

    Inside the truck bays, you’ll also find plenty of natural light streaming in through the glass overhead doors. They provide a view of Vermont’s green mountains to the east. The building is situated next to the UVM Medical Center helicopter landing pad.

    The bays are spacious and all of the operating systems are efficiently organized. While photographing the space, a call came to the station and before we knew it the two crew members on call were gone. Thanks to the buildings updated features, we didn’t even hear them leave.

    Stina Booth is a commercial architecture photographer based in northern Vermont available to shoot in Vermont and throughout New England. Services include residential, municipal and commercial projects. To inquire about having your project photographed contact me.

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    February 15, 2018
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