Burlington Waterfront Engagement | Jackie + André

    My recent engagement session with Jackie and André had a few unexpected hurdles. I had the couple meet me at the pier in Burlington which is a great place to start a session. There’s a lot of visual variety in that area so I can find spots that suit most tastes. However, this year a flooded Lake Champlain has changed the scenery just a bit. I was surprised to find just how high the water was. It was lapping at the edges of the pier’s boardwalk that’s usually several feet above the surface. The parking lot was completely under water.

    Despite this obstacle, Jackie and André were perfectly willing to tiptoe to dry areas and as you will see even braved some of the flooding to get to some of the good spots. It was a great example of turning lemons into lemonade.

    Every couple starts off an esession with me explaining how terrible they are at having their photo taken and apologizing for their awkwardness. Jackie and André were no exception. But as I explain to everyone, they’ll do just fine. Nervous laughter translates into happy affection on camera. And these two were so sweet.

    Here’s the brave couple making their way to the bold blue wall of the Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center. The blue was a great contrast with Jackie’s bright shirt and shoes. The couple was also willing to tiptoe out to the edge of the pier. We managed to stay mostly dry.

    Back on higher ground, a stroll down the Burlington waterfront boardwalk led us to an empty swing. We meandered up Battery Street to take in the local scenery. Knowing this couple can weather any challenge makes me so look forward to the wedding day at the Alerin Barn.

    (Skip to their wedding here!)

    Stina Booth is a wedding photographer based in northern Vermont available to shoot weddings and engagements in Vermont and throughout New England. To inquire about your wedding reach out!

    June 6, 2011



    Stina! love this! Amazing to see the difference a little water can make! LOL! Beautiful couple!

    Thanks Niki! I know…it would have been fun to have you ladies swimming in your wedding gowns. Next time!


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