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    Gone are the days of sterile, bland office spaces. We’ve seen office design come a long with with the integration of design, flow and multi-use spaces. The design pendulum has swung from tiny isolated to cubicles over to wide open co-working centers with the middle striking a balance between the two.

    This was the benchmark for the recent fit up for Marsh’s new office space completed by Neagley & Chase Construction. A collection of workstations are available as either shared tables or semi-walled cubicles. These stations act as flex spaces instead of assigned spots for employees who largely work from home. Smaller individual offices offer more privacy when needed.

    The floor plan also includes conference rooms for larger meetings, but their glass walls are in keeping with the open air aesthetic. One driver for the openness of the design was to allow for westerly views towards Lake Champlain and the Adirondack mountains from all work spaces within.

    Capping off the design is a modern kitchen and break room and a stunning reception desk complete with a wood-tiled accent wall. Small pops of color appear in furniture throughout and both globe pendant lights and drop led strips kick the traditional fluorescents to the curb.

    An open concept flex office space with workstations for employees at an insurance firm.
    A modern reception area with views into the glass walled conference room at an insurance firm.
    A globe pendant and wood tiles accent the modern reception area at an insurance firm.
    A corporate conference room feels open due to large windows with westerly views of Lake Champlain and glass walls with a view into interior office spaces.
    A modern version of a break room includes bar seating, globe pendant lights, and slate-colored vertical wall tiles in a recent renovation of a corporate office space.
    Modern break room seating in a recent corporate office renovation includes bar seating, globe pendant lights, and slate-colored vertical wall tiles.
    A small conference room includes a navy accent wall and a globe cluster pendant light for a modern look.
    December 18, 2018
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