Commercial Architecture | Runamok Maple

    As a commercial photographer I often get to visit manufacturing facilities which I always find fascinating. Everything from the intricate machinery to the processing workflow is an art of efficiency. I could go pretty deep into nerd territory checking out the behind-the-scenes of how things are made.

    The Runamok Maple facility in Fairfax Vermont separates its products from other local maple producers by creating specialty infusions of different flavors. They’ve won awards and even landed on Oprah’s “Favorite Things” list in 2016 which led to a surge in their popularity.

    The building now housing the maple producer was actually once a scrabble factory which was the exclusive manufacturer of those lettered wood tiles in North America. I love when buildings with a rich history can be repurposed and modernized.

    Below are a few photos from the shoot showing the facility’s updates including streamlined infrastructure and custom retrofitted spaces. Surprising splashes of color throughout liven up the sterile processing rooms.

    September 5, 2018
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