Corian Countertops | Vermont Solid Surface | Stowe VT

    I had a recent shoot for Vermont Solid Surface, a St. Johnsbury based company that installs Corian countertops. It was great meeting company owner Wendell at a recent project in Stowe to provide some professional images he plans to use on his website and in his new Houzz profile. It was fun chatting with him and I also learned a little about Corian and how they get that seamless look.

    I thought it might be a good opportunity to use some of the images from that shoot to show how the befores and afters compare. Even on a simple shoot, having professional photographs can make a significant difference. I typically use a combination of lighting and multiple exposures on-site, and compositing in my post processing to create a finished image of a space or product. Even when using professional cameras, lenses and lighting every photographer has limitations that can only be corrected digitally. Things like color casts, glare, tonal range, and lens distortions can add up. Sometimes removing distractions can help the viewer focus on what’s really being featured. Using a professional who can correct these problem areas can make a real difference in how well your product or space is represented.

    Sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on just why an image looks better. Use the slider to see the difference!

    I loved this remodeled kitchen for it’s combination of rustic and industrial materials. The reclaimed cabinets had a very rich color which needed to be toned down a bit.

    Sometimes certain images require using a wide angle lens which is great at widening your scope but also creates a lot of distortion.

    Since the space was still not completely finished, I had a few elements to remove like the dangling light fixture.

    Just the right amount of lighting can brighten a space and highlight what you want to focus on without looking unnatural.


    Stina Booth is a commercial architecture photographer based in northern Vermont available to shoot in Vermont and throughout New England. Services include residential, municipal and commercial projects. To inquire about having your project photographed contact me.

    Need stock images for your site? Visit my Vermont stock image gallery.

    August 2, 2016




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