Dancing in the rain | Inn at Shelburne Farms

    Rainy weather is rarely what a couple envisions for their wedding day, but sometimes it makes the day all that more perfect. It was misty at the Inn at Shelburne Farms for Sam and Elizabeth’s small Vermont wedding. But there’s something about the charm of the Inn and the intimacy of a smaller wedding party that makes that kind of weather just fitting.

    While disappointed that they couldn’t indulge in the Adirondack views, the couple was eagerly anticipating the celebration and otherwise unfazed.


    The rain plan at the Inn is for a ceremony in the quaint library. Guests sit on folding wooden chairs and antique couches surrounded by stacks of books lining fern green shelves. Sam and Lizzie’s ceremony was sweetened with song and touching readings.


    Following the ceremony we used the Inn’s tea room for group portraits and used that as a starting point for couple portraits as well. These two were so cute snuggling up together in all the buildings historic nooks and crannies. A perfect striped umbrella and a borrowed pair of rain boots helped us venture out onto the grounds despite the drizzle. Thanks to Lizzie’s spunk and a good attitude by all we captured some of my all-time favorite wedding portraits. While the view was obscured by the weather, I think it would have only distracted from the happiness of the couple.


    My part in the day ended with the lovely dinner in the private East Dining Room. The room can’t help but look elegant. Pale flower arrangements dotted with blue thistle by Katherine Dudley at Just Weddings Vermont accented the tables. The benefit of a small group is the ability to catch every little moment as it happens. The toasts were both heartfelt and hilarious. I’m always honored to be a part of smaller weddings like this where by the end of the evening I feel like I’m part of the group.

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    July 9, 2018
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