Historic Setting | Echo Lake Inn | Michael + Meredith

    It was the end of August when I took the trip down to the Echo Lake Inn for Michael and Meredith’s southern Vermont wedding. The day was just bursting with color from the clear blue sky all the way down to the budding perennials. It was my first time at Echo Lake so I was excited for some new views. It’s a great historic Inn that also feels a bit like a country club.

    Meredith was casually getting ready in her suite. Her hairdresser was putting in the finishing touches. I loved her hair accessory. Michael was catching up with the schedule in his own room but I got a few details there too.

    Outside the reception tent was ready including the cake by Irene’s Cakes by Design. The florals from Marion’s Flower Shop added a nice pop of color.

    While the littlest wedding party member never actually made it down the aisle she was super cute beforehand. Meredith made a stealthy approach through the tennis court to the quaint chapel across the street when it was ceremony time. Inside the chapel was bright and airy. The soft blue walls and the stained glass made for beautiful light. It was a happy ceremony.

    The portraits proved to be a very entertaining part of the day. I feel like every flower girl secretly wants to really launch those petals so I’m more than happy to let them have a little fun. And Michael and Meredith were a blast.Thanks to their wry sense of humor there are quite a few funny outtakes sprinkled among the portrait session photos. While this no-nonsense couple wanted to get to the party as soon as possible, I was able to get them to slow down for a little bit for some couple portraits. A stone bridge across the street and the primary red chairs on the porch were great spots.

    The couple hired a rockin band from NY, Winston’s Crew Collective. The crowd was wowed with some individual performances throughout the rest of the evening including tap performance by one of the band members, a song from a guest, and even a serenade from the bride to her groom. Meredith is a super talented actress and singer and she brought down the house. It was a great way to end the night. Congratulations Michael and Meredith!

    January 16, 2015




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