Favorite Wedding Photos 2016

     Favorite wedding photo moments 2016

    It’s that time of year to reflect. I’m already thinking ahead to the upcoming season but I can’t do that without looking back. I had the honor of working with some very amazing people this year. I have so much gratitude for how amazing my couples have been. I seriously just have some of the kindest people on my client roster. Caring, genuine, and full of gratitude themselves. For these couples, nothing goes wrong on their wedding day because they just roll with whatever happens.

    I like to share my favorite photos from the past season at this time of year. Often, these photos come from some of the most off-beat moments. It’s not always the shot with the perfect setting, with the couple looking amazing (although don’t get me wrong, I love those too). A lot of times it’s the tears and the laughs. Sometimes it’s the little kid perfecting his dance moves. Sometimes it’s a hilarious rap serenade to the bride from the groom. Sometimes it’s the breathtaking details that provide a little eye candy. And sometimes it’s just knowing a couple’s history and what it took for them to make it to here.

    As the photographer I have the unique perspective of having been in that moment. I know the words that were written in that note. I know the toasts and the speeches. I know what the groom said while he was getting dressed. I know that canoe was meant not just for a honeymoon adventure but a shared passion that will carry through an entire marriage. I can look at these images and get choked up.

    For me that’s a reminder that the true purpose of every wedding isn’t to be picture perfect. It’s to be there…present in all the moments.

    Congratulations to all my 2016 couples. I wish you all a lifetime of very deserved happiness!

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    January 1, 2017




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