Engagement sessions are the best. I mean, the wedding day is great and all but take away the stress, the fast pace and the crowd and you have just the two of you doing whatever you like to do. Fishing, hiking, rock climbing…I’m game. Like to cozy up together with books? We can make a session out of that too. An engagement session can be something totally unique about your relationship. The more personal, the more fun you’ll have. This will help you get to know my shooting style and learn that my kind of session doesn’t involve a lot of stand-there-and-say-cheese.

    But I also love getting to meet my couples before the wedding day. Lots of my couples are either from out of state and are planning a destination wedding in Vermont, or they were once Vermont residents that have since moved away but are coming back home for their celebration. In both cases, that means that they have usually decided to book me through their experience with me on the web, in emails and over the phone. While that gives us a chance to get to know each other a bit, nothing beats meeting in person. You experience how I work as a photographer and I get to see how you react to the camera. When the wedding day finally arrives that lens isn’t such a scary thing.

    Being engaged is a blissful time. Seriously, this is an awesome moment. You’re in love, your friends and family are happy for you…the future looks amazing. Celebrate the moment, here and now.

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