Grand Isle Lake House Summer Wedding | Ben + Sophie

    Ben and Sophie’s Grand Isle Lake House Wedding was my third and last trip to the sweet lakeside spot for this wedding season. The day was overcast with occasional showers but weather aside it was such a sunny occasion. Brightened by Sophie’s amazing smile, Ben’s generous attentiveness, and the goofy fun-hearted guests I hardly thought about the weather. And I don’t think anyone else did either. As luck would have it, the skies fortuitously cleared at just the right moments.

    Technically, Ben and Sophie were already married. The couple had actually tied the knot before after a long-distance (intercontinental) relationship. But it was time for a bigger celebration surrounded by their closest friends and family in their new home state of Vermont. And the Lake House was like a trip back in time for the bride and many of the guests who shared a history with Camp Tanamakoon. The Ontario-like lake setting was perfect.

    Consequently, when I arrived for prep photos the couple was not shy about seeing each other as they got ready. The whole atmosphere was so relaxed and happy…I loved it! Ben did eventually sneak off to get dressed in another room so that the big reveal would still have an element of surprise. Sophie was beaming throughout the process and was so appreciative of everyone who contributed to hair, makeup, flowers… you name it. Their friends played such a big part in pulling everything together on the wedding day. The sister of the groom did the bride’s hair. A friend of the bride did her makeup. Downstairs Emily, a friend of the couple and the owner of Threads and Blooms in Ontario, crafted the bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces. And yet another friend provided audio for speeches and the reception’s dance music. All of these contributions went beyond the idea of “DIY”, they were truly heartfelt gifts for the couple that infused such meaning into each piece of the day.

    The first look was sweet and perfect. The quiet moment for this unassuming couple was just the right start to their wedding day. The rain held off long enough for a bit of wandering with the couple. I got the chance to capture some silly shots of the couple with their new canoe, a collective wedding gift that would take them on a month-long wilderness honeymoon. We convened on the porch to escape the next bit of drizzle and capture some shots of the wedding party and family. But again the rain let up as guests began to arrive in time for the ceremony. It held off long enough for the touching and comical ceremony officiated by a family friend. Music from a string trio led by Julia Deziel played during the entrance and exit.

    The rest of the celebration was exactly as it should have been for this deserving couple. Touching toasts, a warm-hearted meal surrounded by loved ones, and sentimental dances all demonstrated just how much this couple was loved. Thanks Ben and Sophie for making me a part of such a special day!

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    October 7, 2016




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