Home Country Engagement Session | Amber + Greg

    Amber and Greg were referred to me by a friend of hers who has been following my wedding work for quite some time. As we got to talking I found out that they are actually my neighbors. It was an unusual discovery since I live in a very rural area and have very few neighbors.  They recently bought an older farmhouse that they have been working feverishly to restore, all while planning a wedding. A little of the weight is off their shoulders since they have the help of Geoffrey and Michael at the Stables at Pigeon Hill, one of my favorite venues to shoot.

    This couple thought shooting at their home would be the perfect spot for their engagement session and I couldn’t have agreed more. This was the first time I had the chance to shoot in my neighborhood and there were plenty of perfect spots that I had logged away in the back of my mind. I walked over to their house for the session, a rare treat.

    We started in their backyard, complete with a winding creek. Then we moved up to the back porch which is where Greg proposed. Amber and Greg actually had the idea to replicate American Gothic on their front porch. We were only able to get one serious shot before the pair burst out laughing.

    We meandered down the road making a stop at this empty railroad building. And then we took a few shots at the big white historic church. Amber scouted this nearby location and asked the homeowners if it would be okay to borrow their waterfall.

    We ended the shoot at the newly restored covered wood bridge. I can almost smell the fresh timbers now. I’m so excited to shoot their wedding.

    You can skip ahead to their wedding by going here!

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    October 1, 2009



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    What a great looking couple that Amber and Greg. The photos are beautiful and I can’t wait to see the wedding pics.


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