Cyclists in Love | Inn at Mountain View Wedding | Adam + Caitlin

    Spring has finally sprung here in the arctic tundra Vermont. So it’s time to wrap up the 2013 wedding season and share my last wedding from October. It was the quintessential Vermont fall wedding too!

    Adam and Caitlin met with me in the spring last year with a little worry about their fast tracked planning timeline. But when a date opened up at the Inn at Mountain View Farm in West Burke, Vermont, they jumped at the chance. It was their ideal venue both because the rustic barn-style charm suited their taste, but also because the Inn is connected with the Kingdom Trails. Both are avid mountain bikers and had to arrive a little late to our first meeting because Caitlin had just finished a race (and placed)!

    There’s a lot to love about Mountain View Farm.  It’s fun to amble around the property and take in the views. It’s also an animal sanctuary so there’s a feeling that it’s a safe haven. Inside the reception barn old horse stalls were converted into extra space for tables creating lots of private nooks. Adam and Caitlin added their own touches. I loved the take-home succulents for their guests. The couple also DIYed their flowers with blooms from Artistic Gardens and the styling help of Caitlin’s talented mom. Adam’s mom did a fabulous job making the cake and all the pies that were served for dessert.

    Inside the Inn, preparations were beginning for the ladies.  Caitlin had a seashell necklace that was a beautiful borrowed piece from her grandmother.

    Prior to the ceremony I caught the groom enjoying a little corn hole with his friends. Once inside to begin getting ready, Adam gifted all of his groomsmen flasks. Typically the groom’s prep time is much shorter than the bride’s but when you throw bow ties into the mix the timing definitely changes. After a little coaching and some trial and error, the bow ties were perfect. Adam was riot and generally either joking around or laughing hysterically the entire day.

    When it was finally time for Caitlin to get dressed, her grandmother helped put on the borrowed necklace. It was such a sweet moment! A happy, and momentarily emotional, bride posed for some quick pre-ceremony bridal portraits. My favorite of Caitlin and her bridesmaids was their “muscle” shot. Don’t mess with these ladies!

    Rain held off and plans for the wedding to take place atop the ceremony hill went forward. The beautiful foliage was the perfect backdrop. The couple’s laughter was infectious and spread throughout the crows. Everyone should be bursting on their wedding day like this. A little surprise spark was infused into the ceremony with a single roman candle flare. When the DJ’s generator failed and Huey Lewis’s “The Power of Love” didn’t play for the couple’s exit, it didn’t matter…Adam just sang it himself!

    We managed to finish off family and wedding party portraits before the light faded in the afernoon. The wedding party was a particularly fun group. There was little I needed to do except click away. Socks, bow ties, and creative posing were abundant. Some people prefer nice normal posed group portraits but I would rather have a good laugh every time I pass a framed print on the wall.

    When it was time for the couple, they were as good at snuggling as they were goofing around. As we finished up it was beginning to get dark. The barn was aglow and ready for the party to begin. The couple made a festive entrance through a shower of confetti.

    Market Cafe and Catering delivered a delicious meal. Peak Entertainment provided the music. Adam and Caitlin provided some serious dance moves. Congratulations Adam and Caitlin. May you both bike happily ever after!

    April 23, 2014




    Such a wonderful greeting for me today when I went on FB to check any news! It WAS spectacular, wasn’t it, and you captured the essence. Thank you!


    Thanks Martha! It was fun to relive the day!


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