Interior Architecture | Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop | Burlington Vermont

    Last spring I had another one of those I-can’t-believe-this-is-my-job moments when I got to photograph the Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop on Church Street in Burlington Vermont. I got a sneak peek of the renovated space before it opened to the public. I had been in the scoop shop pre-renovation so I knew what it looked like before. It was nice to walk in and find that the shop was completely refreshed while still also feeling familiar.

    The renovation was completed to help the shop maximize efficiency, realign design with current Ben & Jerry’s branding, and to highlight some of its best features.The 3,000 square foot retail space includes areas for dining, food prep, office, storage space and mechanical rooms. The renovation, completed by Neagley & Chase Construction Company, was speedy to minimize the shop’s downtime.

    Improving efficiency was a two part process. The redesign helped to improve the flow for both customers and employees. It also included a large degree of energy efficiency in the form of high efficiency food service equipment and LEED silver accredited construction.

    Bright colors throughout, a wall of text highlighting the company’s mission, and fixtures brought the shop’s look in line with the company’s brand. Other standout features included the repurposed 1977 Volkswagon bus and the trifold windows that connect the interior with the prime corner spot on Church Street. A multitude of modern pendant lights hanging from cloud shaped bump outs catch your eye immediately. The combination of textures in the paneled wall, exposed ceiling, a cushy seating also played a key role in creating a comfortable atmosphere.

    One important feature that I can’t really share in a blog post: the heavenly smell of ice cream.

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    March 2, 2018
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