Lush in September | Barn at Boyden Farm Wedding | Charles + Kylie

    As I photographed the details in the barn a crowd of girls in matching silk dressing robes entered and quickly surveyed the gorgeous set up. The linens weren’t exactly as ordered but a few quick calls and 10 minutes later the problem was solved. What could have devolved into a chain reaction of tears and frustration as I have witnessed a few times at other weddings, turned into just a minor blip. That was my first clue into the spirit of this can-do, get-it-done wedding party.

    Kylie was just bursting with energy, all day long. I’m not sure I’ve seen a bride experience her own wedding day with so much presence and enthusiasm before. Every moment was an opportunity to laugh. There was always jokes, silly poses, or carefree dancing. Charles was Kylie’s perfect match. He was quite yet filled with the same energy.

    This native Vermont couple was living in Colorado while planning their wedding. Aiming for a rustic-chic vibe, they enlisted their Moms to scout locations and the Barn at Boyden Farm fit the bill. They wanted elegance without the fuss. Fun, a minimum of stress and lots of dancing and food were at the top of their priority list.

    Their team of vendors also included 158 Main Catering and Paul from Supersounds DJ. They again called on family help for flower arrangements (crafted by aunts) and the cookie/treat table for guests (put together by family and friends).

    I loved every single moment from this day. From the bride’s parents sneaking a kiss, to the bridesmaids praying to keep the rain away, to the flower girl peeking excitedly out the window, there were just so many moments. Other than a fine mist that ended early on, the weather cooperated fully with a hazy glow for the most of the day. The ceremony was full of funny little anecdotes about the couple’s history which began in high school. I caught several tears as stories were told and vows were exchanged.

    The sentiment followed once the festivities transitioned to inside the barn. Sincere speeches and heartfelt dances kept the tears rolling. The tone changed once the maid of honor appeared for her speech in a blow up clown costume that had the whole crowd in hysterics.

    From there, it was all just dancing. But not just any dancing. There was a fervor unmatched by many dance floors I’ve witnessed. It wasn’t just dancing. It was singing and group hugs and even a surprise lift. the energy was boundless. As I said my goodbyes to the couple, another favorite song came on and it was a quick return to the dance floor. Congratulations Kylie and Charles!

    Stina Booth is a wedding photographer based in northern Vermont available to shoot weddings in Vermont and throughout New England. To inquire about your wedding reach out!

    March 14, 2018
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