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    This year as my schedule has allowed I’ve been cramming in as much photography education as I can. This is partly to continue to improve my craft and partly because I’m a super nerd for lifelong learning. My nightly reading material is almost always a non-fiction book or a magazine like Inc., Fast Company, or Dwell. It’s just my jam and I’ve embraced it.

    Since the year began I’ve been pretty immersed, catching up on topics that I’ve just not had the time to dig into over the past couple of years (kids, yeesh). Here’s what I’ve done so far:

    Everything has been just a little bit at a time because I don’t have a schedule that allows for marathons. But tallying it up helped me realize that by doing a little each day, you can get a lot accomplished (one of my new mantras).

    I’ve managed to get out to some great workshops so far this year including the Vermont Professional Photographers annual convention. First of all, I love this group because of its diversity. There are photographers at every experience level and with so many different backgrounds and business models.

    I couldn’t attend the whole four day convention but I made it to the banquet to hear keynote speaker Ryan Esbjerg of “Flex Your Face“. Such an inspiring community that promotes a positive message and leverages that power to educate and improve peoples lives. And Ryan is a Vermont native too.

    I was able to see the presentation from local photographer Brian Drourr who creates stunning astral photography and VR (virtual reality) images. He talked about the tools and methods he uses for capturing and displaying his VR images and demonstrated with some live shooting. It’s such a fascinating new realm in photography.

    Last but not least was speaker Jeffrey Shaw, a business coach and the founder of Creative Warriors and the Creative Warriors podcast. It was a great presentation that gave me some motivation to focus on needed changes within my business. The timing couldn’t have been better. After coasting on autopilot the past few years thanks to the craziness of life, I’m ready to start having fun again!

    It’s been a great start to the year and I’m really excited for what lies ahead!

    You can also check out my next post on my continued journey of growth. 

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    March 23, 2017




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