Real Estate Photography | Essex VT Home

    A couple in Essex Vermont contacted me when they were about to list their family home. Wanting to downsize now that their children are grown, the busy working couple wanted to waste no time with months of showings and a long for-sale process. Their decision to hire me for professional photos helped put clean and clear images of their home front and center.

    A real estate listing’s photos are the first thing potential buyers see. Drawing them in with images that stand out from the crowd can make the difference for those wanting to speed up their timeline.

    Tips for best real estate photos:

    • Put your “hero” image first. For many people this is a kitchen photo, sometimes as a wider angle showing an open concept floor plan.

    • Declutter your space! It’s harder for potential buyers to envision themselves in your home when there’s a lot of “stuff” distracting them. Homes that look unclean can be a deterrent also.

    • Wide isn’t always best. Most realtors are inclined to take super wide shots of spaces with the intention of making them look bigger. Wide lenses, however, often distort images which can make them look a little off. Instead of zooming out as far as you can go or using a mega wide lens, try shooting from angles that still show the flow of the space.

    For more tips check out this link!

    May 14, 2019
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