Pretty in Summer | Sugarbush Resort Wedding | Billy + Tiffany

    Billy and Tiffany’s wedding at the Sugarbush Resort in Warren, Vermont was a perfectly put together day. And the bride herself deserves a lot of the credit because she put so much work into almost all of the unique details. Tiffany had in her mind’s eye a very clear vision of how her wedding day would look and she pulled it off beautifully. It was perfect just like the couple’s fall engagement session.

    The day began by visiting the girls getting ready in their suite. With 12 bridesmaids I was surprised at how calm and quiet the room was. I loved her blue sequin shoes. Colorful wedding day shoes are my favorite.

    The ceremony was held outdoors in the courtyard by the pool. Tiffany was walked down the aisle by her Mom. I was able to send my other shoot up to a balcony to get a bird’s eye view of the ceremony. After heartfelt vows and an outpouring of emotion by both the bride and groom, there was nothing left but joy. I love to see laughter when the couple is coming down the aisle.

    12 bridesmaids were matched with 12 groomsmen so it was a big group. Sugarbush has some great spots were we could fit even a big party like this one. We had fun wandering around the resort for the couple’s portraits. There is such a variety of spots and so much color! We were even able to stop the chair lift to sneak a few shots.

    Inside the reception ballroom was just waiting to show off its lavender, purple and fuchsia accents. The tables were marked with cards that contained locations that were significant to the couple. Tealights and flowers were strung on bare branches as centerpieces. A gourmet popcorn station awaited hungry guests. I wish I had smell-o-vision so that you could get a whiff of the maple cupcakes.

    It was a fun crowd during the reception. The crowd was boisterous and ready to party. Tiffany had a sweet dance with her 90-year-old grandfather before he spent the rest of the night tearing up the dance floor and putting much younger guests to shame. Cookies and milk were passed as a little late night treat. And as we were packing up to head out a thunderstorm approached which lit up the summer sky. It was a pretty amazing end to a fantastic day.

    January 10, 2011




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