Finding Time To Explore and Create

    I haven’t taken the time to explore and create just for the sake of creating for so very long. I took my time for granted before I had kids. Back then I honestly didn’t carve out much time for non-work related work. Ah, to have that magic time machine to travel back with the knowledge you have now.

    Over the course of this past year, I’ve felt a reawakening. It probably has a lot to do with finally having more time, even if I’m only gaining incrementally. I think it’s also the identity loss that comes from having children. For a time you’re so absorbed in it that you disappear yourself. I’m sure there are other triggers in life that cause the same problem for others.

    I feel like the process of re-emerging has been much slower than I would have liked. Momentum is a hard thing to rebuild!

    I’m spending my time on education, building relationships, planning, strategizing, getting creative, working on personal projects, learning new things, getting organized, maximizing efficiency, investing in myself…it’s a long list that’s led to an even longer to-do list in the past few months. But I’ve been making so much progress. One of my daily reminders is that “by doing a little each day you can get a lot accomplished”.

    I now seize every opportunity I have. Even something so simple as a visit to a coffee shop can be a much larger experience. This happened recently. I took advantage of some precious free time and just explored. It just felt good.

    I would like for this to become a regular thing, but my guess is reality and consistency may butt heads. I’m curious, what do you do to make sure you have time just to explore and create? What do you wish you had more time for? How will you make time for it now? Feel free to comment, I’d love some tips!



    March 10, 2017




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