Vermont Engagement Photos

    One choice couples are faced with when making wedding plans is whether or not to book a session for engagement photos. It may seem like overkill, or a way to save on the budget or you may shy away because you just hate having your picture taken. Here are some reasons that may change your mind:

    engagement session advantages

    • The extra session is like practice for your wedding day. If you’re the person above who said you “hate having your picture taken,” then this is especially important. You can get comfortable in front of the camera and we’ll figure out how we work best together before the main event. Maybe you’ve never liked having your picture taken because you just weren’t having a good time. It’s my goal to help couples forget they’re having engagement photos taken during each session. Instead, just enjoy yourself and I’ll just happen to be there documenting it!

    • An engagement photo session has a much slower pace than what you’ll experience on your wedding day. This is an opportunity to get really creative and take some portraits that probably aren’t possible on your wedding day. I’ve photographed engagement sessions that incorporated hiking, fishing, pets, or special locations like where you actually got engaged.

    • Add another dimension to your wedding image portfolio or your wedding album. Chronicling your story and including your fun couple quirks and unique interests in engagement photos is something you can use in other wedding elements like wall portraits, your wedding sign-in book, guest signature board or invitations.

    • A wedding day is hectic no matter how casual and carefree you’ve planned it to be. Sometimes the fact that the day is about THE TWO OF YOU can get lost in the throngs of loved ones and friends. An engagement photo session is an extra way for the you to spend some time as just a couple.

    A couple drinks wine together on the patio at the Shelburne Vineyard during their Vermont engagement session

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    Stina Booth is a wedding photographer based in northern Vermont available to shoot weddings in Vermont and throughout New England. To inquire about your wedding reach out!


    January 28, 2015




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