Vineyard Engagement Session | Callie + Adam

    When I first met with Callie and Adam in the spring to talk about their wedding, I was struck by how genuine they were. Both grew up locally and are getting married here in Northern Vermont, a place that they gladly still call home. It’s nice and also a rarity to have a local couple! While they didn’t want to go over the top with wedding plans the expressed that they really valued good photography so I was honored when they chose me to be their photographer. They decided that having an engagement session would help ease the tension of being photographed on the big day and they planned to use some of the images prior to the wedding.

    So, we planned for an early spring engagement session, but well…spring here in Vermont this year was a little late. The couple decided they were in no rush and would rather enjoy the session so we rescheduled. And then we rescheduled again because of rain. And then again. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been an amazing summer but the days we happened to choose where all of our schedules jived just got rained out. With all of us having busy schedules it seemed we would never make this session happen, but one sunny day we seized the moment and extended Callie and Adam’s night out to dinner into their spontaneous session. The timing, weather and light were just right.

    These are some of my favorites from their engagement session which took us to the Snow Farm Vineyard and a beach at sunset in Grand Isle Vermont. These two were sweet and fun and made my job easy. I love it when things work out like this.

    To see their beautiful wedding day at Jenny’s Barn, click here!

    Stina Booth is a wedding photographer based in northern Vermont available to shoot weddings and engagements in Vermont and throughout New England. To inquire about your wedding reach out!

    July 18, 2016




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