The Getting Ready Part of the Wedding Day

    Pick a Space

    Hair, make-up, dressing…early toasts, laughter, nerves and excitement. These are often the first moments captured on camera so put some thought into how your wedding day getting ready space will function and look. The best rooms to get ready in are large enough for all your friends, hair and makeup artists, family members and photographers. Think big! Your makeup artist and I will agree that lots of great natural light is crucial!

    A bride getting eye making applied before her wedding by Vermont photographer Stina Booth A bride's mother helps her get her wedding gown on before her Jay Peak wedding by Vermont photographer Stina Booth

    Tidy Up

    Designate someone to declutter about 30 minutes before your photographer is set to arrive.

    A bride getting eye making applied at the Alerin Barn in St. Johnsbury before her wedding by Vermont photographer Stina Booth

    Gather Details

    Before your photographer arrives collect all the details that are important to you and put them in one place (dress, shoes, jewelry, etc.). Same for the guys! Get your dress out of the bag, remove any stuffing and put it on a sturdy wood hanger if you have one. If you want to style your details on your own feel free, but most photographers are happy to find interesting settings with great light. Simply eliminating the need to collect everything saves a lot of time.

    A lace wedding gown hanging in a window is reflected in an antique mirror in a guest room at the Inn at Shelburne Farms in a photo by wedding photographer Stina Booth


    Talk with your photographer beforehand about the beauty schedule and special moments you’ve planned during this timeframe. Wait until your photographer arrives to get in your dress, give each other notes or hand out gifts to your wedding party. It’s sometimes hard to resist the urge, but these are some awesome moments and beautiful images you don’t want to miss. BIG TIPS: Guys should shower about a half hour before the photographer is scheduled to drop by. Girls should allow 50% more time than you originally anticipated for hair and makeup since this can frequently turn into a big schedule buster.

    A mother helps the bride get dressed before her wedding by Vermont photographer Stina Booth

    For other wedding planning tips to help in how to choose a wedding photographer, you can also check out these posts about wedding group portraits, having a first look, and how to decide if you need a second photographer or an engagement session.

    Stina Booth is a wedding photographer based in northern Vermont available to shoot weddings in Vermont and throughout New England. To inquire about your wedding reach out!

    October 30, 2017
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